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Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Number one in the hood, G

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The Cast

Memorable Quotes

Meatwad: Shake, where is my popsicle?
Shake: Please, wait a second!
Meatwad: I require a popsicle every fifteen minutes, you obviously did not read the memo.
Shake: Is this your memo? I don’t even know what this is!
Meatwad: You sicken me with your lies
Shake: I’ll make you some right away!
Meatwad: Make me some? Please, do not insult what little intelligence I have. I need it now!
Shake: Then I’ll go to the store, please, sir.
Meatwad: Yes you will, now what is the magic word, bitch?
Shake: Please, let me go to the store and get popsicles for you, thank you, sire!
Meatwad: That’s right! You’d better run boy and bring back some chocolate syrup too, or your fate is sealed.

Frylock: Damnit, he needs his brain, otherwise, he's just gonna float around forever saying 'do what now.'
Meatwad: Do what now?

Meatwad: Everybody hates me because they die or get hurt.

Frylock: That's soap? Really, well, it kind of smells like waste.
Emory: Well, one man's waste is another man's soap, you know what I mean, guys?

Meatwad: Look, he gave me this chrome sled. Boy, I hope it snows soon, don't you, Carl?
Carl: Oh yeah, can't wait, a winter wonderland. Now, let me see that sled, it's my friggin hubcap.

Frylock: Here, how'd you like to get down with some real gangstaz, from the 15th century.
(Frylock shows Meatwad some Bach and Beethoven cd's)
Meatwad: Batch? Bee-toven!? Are they down with the pee pants?

Carl: Hey, which one of you guys have been playing 'i like candy' for a friggin week?
Frylock: it was your other neighbors
Master Shake: meatwad
Carl: You know what, at this point, it doesn't matter because it keeps running inside my head and it won't leave unless I blow it out, with a bullet.

Meatwad: Where the damn presents?
Frylock: It's the middle of the day, Meatwad, that wasn't Santa Claus, okay?
Meatwad: Ah, well, you know maybe Santa's just sort of getting a jump start on things this year, 'cause, you know, statistics they show that there are more children in the world today... That's China's fault.

Carl: ahh, oh, damnit!
Shake: You're all right.
Carl: No, don't worry about me. I fell two stories, I'm fine.

Master Shake: I got rid of my teeth at a young age because i'm straight, teeth are for gay people.
Meatwad: If teeth make me gay then sign me up, 'cause i wish i had them.

Ignignot: You and your third dimension.
Frylock: What about it?
Ignignot: Oh nothing. it's cute. We have five..
Err: Thou-thousand
Ignignot: Yes, five thousand
Err: Don't question it
Frylock: Oh yeah? Well I only see two
Ignignot: Well that sounds like a personal problem.