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Found a nice interview over on Newsarama with Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis.  They discuss a whole lot about Mr. Brutananadilewski's thoughts on sports, but also drop quite a few tidbits about the recently released 'Season 6' set, and the forthcoming 2009 season.

Here's the quick version:
  • A live-action episode is slated for 2009.  They've been holding auditions for Carl, and they've received about 50 tapes.  Plenty that fit the look of Carl, but none of them can really act.  Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad?  Something like The Flintstones movie sequel, Viva Rock Vegas.

  • They feel like ATHF is in the middle of it's lifespan, and hope to keep doing it for a while: "We feel like we'll be doing this 17 years later. [...] By that time people will be talking about how we should be cancelled."

  • "Gene E", "Shake Like Me", "She Creature" and "Chick Magnet" are episodes from next season (2009) and WILL be aired.  They needed four episodes to pad out the Season 6 box set, so they quickly finished up and added these.

  • Also on the disc is a short movie entitled "Terror Phone" which was written in 8 minutes, and only took 8 hours to shoot.

  • All the pre-rendered video clips from the PS2 video game are included, too.  They were rendered by a group of animators from Russia.

  • Season 7 starts in April or May of 2009 and will comprise 10 new episodes, including the live action one.  (I'm not sure if that 10 includes the 4 unaired episodes.)
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