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Adventures Going Right

I'm a foolish person. But my foolishness has paid off. In spades.

Okay, perhaps not spades, per se, but my stupidity for actually plowing through the "Worst Game Ever" on the ATHF movie site actually paid off. And, granted, these clips they've been leaking are obviously not the actual movie endings, but they're still amusing.

Yes, roughly 45 minutes (broken up throughout the day) of right-button action reveals that there really IS a clip at the end. It's the third or fourth (I'm losing count) such clip portraying an ending to the movie.

I had to endure such horrors as...a rock. another rock, a single space I had to jump over, another rock, a series of rocks with much space between them, a brownie monster (the only thing you 'attack' the entire trip), some more rocks, and then...finally...you get your clip. But besides these herculean labors, half the fun -- the thing that kept me going, actually -- was the game narrator (sounding a lot like Dave Willis) giving encouragement, then planting seeds of doubt in my mind about the existence of a clip at the end, making small talk and discussing his kids, and eventually he steps out to get something to eat and comes back. Very amusing stuff.

I can't recommend you doing it, however. So, I hacked about and found a link directly to the FLV video itself. You should be able to play it in VLC. I had to update to the latest version for some reason -- it would only play the audio portion until I did that.

What to expect:

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